I'm New

New to HIS Church? This is the best place to start

Hey there! If you're new here at HIS Church, we want you to feel at home. We believe that church is fun and our vision is to save the lost and grow the found. Here at HIS Church, we're all about loving God, loving people, and loving life.

We also want you to know that there's a place at HIS Church that's perfect for you. Church is so much more than just a Sunday service.

Please fill out your information below and you will get some special video messages from Pastor Brian sent directly to your phone. Here we also believe that giving is important, so we would love to donate $5 on your behalf to a charity you choose from the list below.

Charity Choices:

1.) Holy Land Broadcasting- Broadcasting Christian television from the highest point in Bethlehem. They are dedicated to helping promote a healthy social context among the local residents. Future plans include drug and rehabilitation centers both in the Palestinian and Israeli areas.

2.) Life Impact International- Founded by Lana Vasquez. They are based on the Thailand/Burma border. Their vision is to impact the world, one life at a time, with the love and power of Jesus Christ. They are accomplishing this vision as they prevent, rescue, and heal. They prevent human trafficking by intervening in the lives of at-risk children, youth, displaced people, refugees, and orphans. They rescue children who have been sold into prostitution or child slavery. They heal the lives of orphans, soldiers, men, and women through outreaches, humanitarian aid, disaster relief, children's homes and orphanages.

3.) Casting A Net- Founded by Ryan & Layla Thompson. They moved their family to Thailand in 2013 and started this ministry. They work in conjunction with Life Impact International. They oversee every design and construction project, teach welding as a vocational trade, and provide illustration of God's word through dance in the impoverished Buddhist and Muslim communities. They strive to serve and teach a trade to individuals in need in order to provide, for themselves and others, the necessities of life.

4.) Backpack Program- This program provides bags filled with food items to children who may not receive nutritious meals on weekends when school is not in session. The foods are easy to prepare with little or no adult assistance or cooking required.

5.) Oasis Women's Shelter- OASIS women’s shelter is a Domestic Violence Program for battered women and their dependent children.  OASIS addresses the unique needs of victims of domestic violence trapped in the cycle of violence. They are built on the “Empowerment Model" and they provide a safe place for women and their children to escape the trauma and devastation of domestic violence.

We're so glad you were here!